Hypnotherapy sessions with Terry Rosetta has been life changing, life enhancing. Terry is skilled at identifying the origin of one’s personal trauma. The energy freed up from old stories being released, resulted in greater life skills and an increased level of confidence. I'm glad I invested in my healing and growth, by having hypnotherapy sessions with Terry. I'm sure that the rest if my life will be the best if my life!


-Cathy R.

Terry has made a huge difference in my life.  When I talk to her, I feel like she’s really listening and understanding what I’m saying. She comes up with realistic, constructive ideas and suggestions that I am able to implement in my daily life that change my usual thought processes and get my mind going in a more positive direction. I have had therapy in the past and never has it made the kind of positive effect that I’ve had with Terry.  I am thankful and grateful for the changes I’ve made with her help and guidance. 


-Vicki M.