My Story

Years ago, I became a Hypnotherapist because I was fascinated with hypnosis and how it helped people. I got to see how by changing our minds, we really can change our lives. Lack of confidence is something I grew up with. As I worked with clients, I realized that lack of confidence was a central theme most people were dealing with.  It often looked like other things such as being abused, or overweight or general malaise and unhappiness with their life. Going through some hard times myself taught me that confidence is attainable and sustainable.  In finding the clues to happiness, I realized other people would want to have these tools too.  Although, I pulled them together, none of these tools are new, but they are powerful and make Unshakeable Confidence a reality. I look forward to working with you to obtain the confidence you are searching for.


Ready for Unshakeable Confidence?