Life by Design will open you to amazing possibilities. This Hypnotherapy based program will help you create the life you want.  Using Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other time tested modalities, we create a program based on your needs and desires.  Whether you want a major change in your life, or a few minor adjustments, Life By Design facilitates positive shifts and changes in people’s lives.   

What is life by design?

The Life by Design System is a client oriented process, that is a safe, fast and effective way to make permanent changes in people’s lives. Using Hypnotherapy to achieve a light to deep trance, YOU will be able to access your subconscious where helpful information is stored about your beliefs and how you relate to others. Once retrieved, that information is processed in a fashion that builds self-empowerment and success. 


If you could know one thing that would give you a better understanding of yourself, and your life, what would it be?



• Are you ready to take control of your weight and your life?

• Are you tired of the up and down and up and up of the bathroom scales?

• Would you like to easily release the unwanted weight?              



If you are ready to have a baby and you face expensive intervention, you may find that hypnotherapy can have a positive effect on your future.

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Empowerment is the idea of moving away from thinking of one’s self in terms of lacking some quality, to a more strength oriented perception of one’s self. This can only be done for you, by you, thus self-empowerment.



Our relationship with ourselves and others is the biggest issue we face day in and day out.  How we view those relationships gives us pain or joy.  Using Life by Design you can have a better relationship with yourself,